Teachers, Students and Parents Connecting on COOSHA

Now you can be informed about your child’s daily homework and scheduled upcoming tests, quizzes, assignment due dates, lab dates etc. on a regular basis. Be sure to ask your child’s teacher for their username and follow the steps below to help get you started.

First Step: Register with COOSHA

  • Download COOSHA on the App Store or on Google Play.
  • Register with COOSHA and activate your account.
  • Make you have the correct spelling of your email so that COOSHA knows where to send you the activation email.
  • Tap Activate My Account link in the email sent from COOSHA.

Step 2: Search for Teachers

  • Visit Settings > Search Members to search a teacher by their username.
  • Number beside My Network indicates how many members have sent you a friend request.
  • You will receive a notification when your friend request has been accepted.
  • Visit My Network and tap the checkmark to accept a request.
  • Swipe a member’s row to the left (tap and hold on an android) to remove a member from My Network.
  • iOS: Tap the icon in the top left corner for Settings
  • Android: Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner for Settings.

Step 3: Join a Group Calendar

  • Teachers will send you a request to join their group calendar.
  • Tap the push notification or visit Invitations to JOIN the group calendar in order to receive events related to your child’s education.
  • You will be granted Read-Only access, which allows you to see the group events, create your own reminders however you cannot make changes to the group calendar.

Group Events and Notifications

  • You will be notified when a teacher adds a new event, updates or deletes an event in the shared group calendar.
  • Events created by teachers will sync to your calendar.
  • When you create a notification for any event, they are for you ONLY and not sent out to other members.

Notifications/ Reminders

  • Tap on an event to view the details from Agenda, Month or Week view.
  • Tap the edit icon in the top right corner to add your own notifications.
  • Setup as many notifications as you want.

Custom Notifications

  • Tap the + icon to create a new notification for a group event.
  • Tap done to save or tap 30 Minutes before to change the notification time and tap Done to save.
  • You can change the notification time to send 1 week before, 1 day before, etc. Many to choose from to help you stay on track.

Customize Notifications

  • Tap Reminder to change the title to a more desired notification.
  • Remind yourself to help your child prepare for a presentation or exam.
  • Follow the same steps to create multiple notifications.


  • Ask for your teacher’s username.
  • Send a friend request or accept your teacher’s request in My Network.
  • Accept the group calendar invite from a teacher to receive updates on your child’s education.
  • Stay on track of your child’s education by creating reminders for yourself.