Hiding Events using Busy or Removing Members


The BUSY option in an event allows the event to still show up in your calendar however the title of the event will be kept private. The title of the event will be shown as BUSY to other members when viewing your calendar. This is a great option to at least show to other members that you are doing something at that time however what you’re doing remains private.

HIDE AN EVENT (Personal Calendars only)

When creating/editing an event, you can remove a member or multiple members from being able to see this specific event when viewing your calendar. In creation or editing mode, tap on the number beside the category – a number will appear only if you shared the category with other members. You will then see a list of all shared members with a check mark. Tap to remove the check mark beside a member’s name and then tap done to hide this event from him/her. Members with a check mark will still be able to see this event in your calendar.

*This option is only for personal calendars. We are working on this for group calendars in the next couple of months.

How To: 

Hide events from other members