Register an account with COOSHA within the app to access your calendars on multiple devices and online. Activate your account via email to start using COOSHA Calendar. If you lost your phone or switched devices, download COOSHA from Google Play or the App Store and log back in.


Activation Email


COOSHA will need your permission to access your location. Please ensure to allow for this access so that you can add locations to your events.

Once you access your agenda, you will be prompted with helpful tips on how to use COOSHA and what each section is for. This feature can be turned back on in case you need more assistance by visiting your settings.

Follow the steps to sync your Google calendar. You can either watch the tutorial which can be accessed in your Settings or go straight to Sync Calendars.

Syncing with Office 365 coming soon!


COOSHA offers two ways to share. My Calendars are your personal events that remain in your calendar only. When you share the categories of these events, you are selecting who gets to see what when they view your calendar/profile. Use this if your schedule is quite hectic and you don’t want the clutter of anyone else’s schedule mixed into your calendar and vice versa – it keeps schedules separate.

You can also choose to combine schedules by creating multiple groups for any purpose. These types of events will be added to each and everyone’s calendar that is part of the shared group. Each shared member will receive changes notifications when a group event has been created, updated, deleted or when a shared member adds a note to a group event.


Visit Manage Calendars by tapping on the second icon from the main menu. Tap on the row of the calendar you wish to edit. By default you have a category called No Category to start with however you can create your own.

These events are saved in your calendar only, so when you share the categories you are only revealing these types of events to the members you selected for each category.

To share events so that they appear in other members’ schedules, you must create a group calendar and invite members to join your group.

How To’s:

Create Categories and Share