COOSHA Calendar Download

We love that we can create, categorize and manage as many calendars as we want, and then only share access of a calendar with the people that need to be included. Great work Coosha!

Want a FREE calendar that offers an effortless way to share, organize and manage your life with the people in your network? Looking for flexible sharing and unrivalled privacy control so you can share what you want and hide what you want? It’s time to ditch the default, and get a calendar that works for you and the people you connect with on a regular basis.

COOSHA offers 2 ways to share what you’re doing and when with the people in your life. Use Personal Calendars if your schedule is quite hectic and you don’t want the clutter of anyone else’s schedule mixed into your calendar (and vice-versa) – it keeps schedules separate. Categorize all the different areas in your life and only the people you have selected will be able to see these specific events when viewing your calendar.

You can also choose to combine schedules by creating multiple groups for any purpose. These events will be added to each and everyone’s calendar that is part of the shared group. Receive change notifications when an event has been added, updated or deleted.

Register for free so that you can sync your schedules on multiple devices. Switched devices? No problem! Simply download COOSHA on your new device for free and log back in to see your calendars.

Sometimes we are just too busy to stay on top of all the things we need to do. COOSHA is the first calendar to allow for custom titled reminders to help you prepare for life. It’s your turn to make snacks for soccer practice next week? Create a reminder set for 1 Day Before called ‘Make Snacks for Practice’ within the Soccer Practice event. It’s like an event, within an event.

Tap & hold an event in the agenda view then tap the checkbox to add a strikethrough. This adds a little reminder that you got it done.

COOSHA Calendar makes it easy to organize, no matter what you’re planning. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list, managing a project, planning a trip or just keeping track of household chores, COOSHA Calendar’s got you covered.

Switch between 3 elegantly designed views: Month, Week and Agenda View.

Create, edit and delete events and lists even on your flight. All changes will be saved to your account as soon as you’re back online.

Change the time zone for individual events.

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