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Meet COOSHA, a calendar app with flexible sharing capabilities.

It’s time to ditch the default, and get a calendar that works for you and the people you connect with on a regular basis. Necessity is the mother of all invention, they say. And, it was in this case too. Busy households using various programs and apps to track and schedule their life — work obligations, family functions, social events, to-do lists, appointments, activities — needed something that brought it all together, and also happened to be easy to coordinate and share. So we made it happen by creating COOSHA, and used the theme of ‘coordinate and share’ as inspiration for the name.

I invite you to coordinate and share your world with COOSHA. You take care of yourself and your family; let COOSHA take care of the technology.

- Amela Unsworth, Co-Founder & Creative Director

With COOSHA, you can create and manage as many calendars as you want. You can categorize all the different areas of your life; however it works for you and then share categories, rather than the entire calendar.

Suppose your main Calendars are titled Social, Kids, Work, and Fitness. With the Social Calendar, your categories could include Family Gatherings, Dinner Parties, and Girls/Guys Night Out. Share the categories that matter with the people that matter, like another couple, family member or a group of friends.

You can create Group Calendars to combine schedules and keep everyone in-sync.

Let’s say you try to work out regularly with friends or co-workers. You’ll make it to the gym more often when others depend on you, and everyone has access to the same consistent exercise schedule.  People have a tendency to drop off when an event is not right there in black and white. What’s your excuse when you know Wednesday is Leg Day?

The problem with most shared calendars is that you must share an account. That’s not very secure.  Or, do you have completely separate calendars, but send each other invites? With other calendars, all events remain private until individual events are shared out.  Every time, a user has to choose who sees an event. Modifying events and coordinating with others can be confusing and time consuming. Synchronizing between platforms isn’t always practical. Then there’s always the under sharing and over sharing, which are annoying problems. It’s all too much work, and easy to forget. Before you know it, nobody is making it to Leg Day.

COOSHA also includes shareable To-Do Lists, which makes it easy to organize, no matter what you’re planning. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list, managing a project, planning a trip or just keeping track of household chores, COOSHA has you covered.

Coordinate and share your world with COOSHA.
Pretty soon, you’ll consider it to be your one-stop “life organizer”.

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