Family, Work & Social Calendar

COOSHA is a FREE calendar that offers a unique way to share, organize and manage important moments with family, friends and colleagues. Create as many calendars as you want and even import your existing calendars like Apple Calendar, Google & Microsoft. Categorize all the different areas of your life; share the categories and NOT the entire calendar.

Sync schedules with group calendars and create shareable lists! Whether you’re sharing a grocery list, managing a project, planning a trip or just keeping track of household chores.

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  • Love being able to categorize my events and actually see my events in the month view. brilliant app!
  • This app has everything I've been looking for and is so easy to use. Love it!
  • "I am using COOSHA to coordinate all of my bridal appointments and events with my future husband and bridal party. It really helps us stay in the loop and keeps us all organized. Thanks!"
  • Having three little boys in multiple activities is extremely hectic! This calendar keeps everyone organized. I love how grandparents always know when and where the next hockey game is!
  • This app is everything a busy family needs! Super user friendly and extremely helpful with organizing daily meetings, tasks, reminders etc. It has significantly facilitated our life! Genius!
    Google Play Review
  • I'm loving this new calendar app! The flexibility and management options really help me organize my schedule exactly how i want and with whomever I want. So smart! 🙂
  • What a Vital gamechanger. Integrate everything your family does or needs to do in the future in one easy to use app. From activity schedules to grocery lists... go COOSHA

Categorize Events

Create categories in your Personal Calendars to share  what you want and hide what you want. Suppose your main Calendars are titled Kids, Work, Social, and Fitness. With the Kids Calendar, your categories could include School, Appointments, and Activities. Share the categories that matter with the people that matter, like another parent, grandparents or a nanny.

Manage Calendars and Categorize Events
Selective Sharing

Shared Group Calendars

Do you work out regularly? You’ll make it to the gym more often when others depend on you, and everyone has access to the same consistent schedule. You know friends tend to drop off if it’s not right there in black and white.

View Calendars

Everyone has their own personal account and login. Members don’t have to share accounts to share events and calendars. Tap a member’s profile to view their calendar and what they’ve shared with you.

Viewing another members calendar
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  • Register to use COOSHA Calendar on multiple devices.
  • COOSHA is the first calendar to allow for custom titled reminders to help you prepare for life. It’s like an event within an event.
  • Create a grocery, vacation to do list, meeting checklist and more! Share with family, friends and colleagues.