Flexible Sharing.
More Privacy Control.

COOSHA Calendar is the hub that brings you and your network together. Coordinate & Share your World with COOSHA.

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What's a COOSHA?

COOSHA is a calendar that makes it easy to stay connected to people in your network with flexible sharing. COOrdinate and SHAre as much or as little as you like.

Create your own personal calendars to keep schedules separate and even sync schedules with group calendars. Plan ahead by visiting other profiles to see what people are up to.

Plus create shareable lists for any purpose. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list, managing a project, planning a trip or just keeping track of household chores.

There is no possible way to share your Google, Outlook.com, Live and Hotmail calendars using their app’s. COOSHA has made this possible in the app itself AND on the web. Each calendar that syncs into COOSHA can be shared with the people in your life. Do you subscribe to TEAMSnap or possibly your favorite TV show or sports team? COOSHA will sync each calendar separately so that you can share them with family and friends. Other platforms will combine all of your Google and Microsoft calendars into a single calendar.

Features of COOSHA

Manage Home, Work and Social calendars all in one platform. Categorize all the different areas in your life and only the people you have selected will be able to see these specific events when viewing your calendar.

Share your Schedule.
Create group calendars to share with friends, family and co-workers. For example, you might want a shared group calendar between you and your friends, a “Meetings” calendars for work or a shared calendar for you and your family.

See what family, friends and colleagues are up to for better planning. Simply tap on their profile to check out their schedule.

Create a grocery, vacation to do list, meeting checklist and more! Share with family, friends and colleagues.

Features of COOSHA Calendar

Register for Free
Register for free so that you can sync your schedules on multiple devices. Switched devices? No problem! Simply download COOSHA on your new device for free and log back in to see your calendars.
Shareable Lists
COOSHA Calendar makes it easy to organize, no matter what you’re planning. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list, managing a project, planning a trip or just keeping track of household chores, COOSHA Calendar’s got you covered.
Custom Reminders
Sometimes we are just too busy to stay on top of all the things we need to do. Custom titled reminders help you prepare for life. It’s your turn to make snacks for soccer practice next week? Create a reminder set for 1 Day Before called ‘Make Snacks for Practice’ within the Soccer Practice event. It’s like an event, within an event.
Syncs with Google
COOSHA sync's each Google calendar separately so that you are not forced to share your entire calendar. Share individual subscribed calendars such as TeamSnap, NHL and NFL games with friends and family and keep YOUR events private.
Complete tasks
Tap & hold an event in the agenda view then tap the checkbox to add a strikethrough. This adds a little reminder that you got it done.
Custom Support
Please contact support at support@cooshacal.com if you need any kind of assistance with COOSHA.

The App Screenshots

Personal Calendars & Categories.

There are two types of calendars to choose from – Personal or Group. With Personal Calendars, you can categorize all the different areas of your life. Share the categories and not the entire calendar. You get to pick and choose who gets to see what when they view your calendar.

Sync Schedules with Groups.

Synchronizing between platforms isn’t always practical. Then there’s always under sharing and over sharing, which are annoying problems. It’s all too much work, and easy to forget. That is why we offer two types of calendars. Personal – to show off your schedule. Group – to sync your schedule when needed.

One Hub. One Network.

Keep your entire network in one place without the hassle of using multiple applications to organize your life. Organize your home, work and social lifestyle all in one place with multiple ways to setup your calendars and share.


We are a young family with 2 small kids and we have found coosha to be a lifesaver. Not only does it help my husband and I organize and split tasks between us- it also eliminates the “I told you about this last week” aspect of our relationship (fights) as everything that we both need is shared on the app. So glad we found coosha Life is so much easier now and nobody has to “remember” anything
IOS Members
His calendar really does help organize your life!! From home, job, chores, hockey, dance, doctor visits.... everything all together in one place!! Amazing!! 10+
Android Member
Have been using for over a year and don’t know how I managed before I was introduced to COOSHA! Easy to use and happy that I’m able to keep personal and professional scheduling in one organizational tool.
IOS Members